We create unique content and with a precise and captivating design, we do not stop until it is at the TOP!


We create a strategy on paper, compare it with all the available reports and put it on the market. There is no perfect strategy but there is a winning strategy if intelligently planned


We design and develop ever-larger projects, collaborate with Software House and help our customers work safely thanks to our software

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We use proprietary software that can bring your profile to another level of Engagement, we build your brand through all social media ... we discover new social networks!

The new will arrive in...

Ever thought of having the internet world in your favor?

Now you can, without privacy theft and totally transparent, discover the news!

They grow more and more every day, I have been working with these guys for years now and every day they reach goals, always in step with the times and with an eye to profit. All this has made them my point of trust for every Marketing and Social need

Andrea Demurtas

marketing strategist & visionary

A help for anyone, I was really taken into consideration by this group of very close-knit people who led me to achieve an excellent result both economically and on the human side. I still collaborate with them for various projects because they always have a novelty ready that will surely come in handy

Simone Murgia

Growth Hacker & Developer

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Social media wouldn’t exist without you … What do you think if they paid you every day for all your personal content or for any activity you do in them?

aforismy applicazioni 2019 sviluppo app

Analisi sulle Applicazioni 2019

Applicazioni cellulari 2019, previsioni e statistiche. Lo sviluppo del mercato e prospettive Come è cresciuto il mercato delle app e come e quanto ancora cambierà: le applicazioni più scaricate e i grandi App store da cui scaricarle Il mercato delle app per celulari potrebbe diventare terza economia mondiale entro il prossimo 2021: è quanto emerge, […]

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aforismy blockchain technology

What is blockchain Technology

What is blockchain technology?   Since Bitcoin was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, the underlying technology, blockchain, has now evolved into something greater, something poised to drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Today, people are asking: “What is blockchain and how can we use it to improve our business?”   So, what is blockchain and […]

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Dove Vai se una strategia non ce l’hai?

Aforismy spiega le Strategie di social media planning per una campagna efficace La programmazione dei propri contenuti sui social e lo studio del pubblico di riferimento come base per le strategie di social media planning. Avere una strategia di social media planninge avere chiaro il messaggio da voler trasmettere sono i primi passi da compiere prima

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